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Photography by Manchester Commercial Photography David Laslett

Isabelle's first day at work

Well, today was Isabelle the Mannequin’s first day at work, so here are a few photographs of the shoot. This is a job for a local clothing designer and the photographs will be used both for print and on the website. Clothing product photography always brings its own challenges (which I relish, naturally!)… it’s always a challenge to know how to arrange creases etc.! The Client has asked for post-processing to be done to remove the mannequin from the shot. In Commericial Photography parlance (for those of you who do not already know of course), these are called ‘cutouts’.

Fashion Photography Cutout - Manchester Commercial Photography

Isabelle is Invisible. A new tongue-twister?

There is a big difference of course between fashion photography on a catwalk and studio product / clothing photography. Each have their pros and cons. For example, when dealing with real live walking talking breathing models advantages are that they can take instruction, have a full range of movement, are autonomous…. disadvantages include the fact that they are a ‘moving target’, you have less time to compose the picture, and you have less control of lighting.

Studio advantages include, well, pretty much the opposite… plenty of time to compose the shot, full control of lighting, no real rush (barring deadlines of course!)….. disadvantages being the rigid limbs and limited poses afforded by the mannequin. That said, I enjoy both immensely. I was recently asked to photograph “The People’s Catwalk” at The Trafford Centre in Manchester for The Prince’s Trust, which was very enjoyable. It was hosted by the designer Jeff Banks (who sent me a nice letter afterwards which can be seen here).

Jeff Banks and Beth Tweddle, photographed by David Laslett at The People's Catwalk at the Traffords Centre in Manchester for The Prince's Trust.

Jeff Banks and Beth Tweddle, photographed by David Laslett at The People's Catwalk at the Trafford Centre in Manchester for The Prince's Trust.

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