Your Corporate Headshot Photography Hale Barns is your introduction to the world.

I can help to make sure it is saying the right thing about you!

corporate headshots for websites

Your smile is often the very first impression someone gets of you and your business. A photograph says a thousand words, especially now in this digital age when that’s the only impression they’ll get before they meet you in person.

My corporate headshot photography centres around capturing your personality and the essence of what you do, for headshots and portraits that help you to enhance and elevate your presence online or in print.


 Sadly a lot of business owners and even larger companies don’t invest in their headshots or take them on a smartphone or digital camera – not knowing how this might impact negatively on their business. The impression your clients receives hinges on your public image – so making sure it’s a good one should be top priority.


The first step I take with any corporate headshot client is to chat with them to discuss what they’re looking to achieve. Where will the photos be used? How do you want to come across? Who is your target audience – what type of image will they respond to best? This is key in order to get the best possible results from your shoot.

One of the reasons companies choose me (and ask me to come back to update their photos each year) is my ability to put people at ease. Nerves are natural, and people often feel awkward when they’re having their picture taken, but that’s the last thing you want to come across when promoting your brand or business. It’s so important that these things feel informal so I take the fear out of photography to ensure that your personality can shine through.


 I’ve worked with one man bands and big corporate teams – sometimes in challenging and unusual environments – so I know how to plan, organise and co-ordinate shoots of all shapes and sizes. The whole process will be fully managed for you – so you won’t need to take on the task yourself.

I also know that your time is limited, so I won’t waste it. I ensure that things run as efficiently and smoothly as possible, whether we’re out on location, at your offices or in studio.

Many larger firms opt for headshot photography on-site. In these cases I can bring the studio to the workplace, minimising disruption and downtime.

I offer tailor-made packages that are bespoke built for your requirements – so whether you just need a few headshots, or want full team group shots and candid images for promotional purposes, I can help.


Social media is now one of the most popular ways for customers to connect with businesses – so putting out the right kind of image is especially important. Often I do corporate headshots for LinkedIn professionals, online profiles, websites and more.

Finished products fit for purpose – no editing required

All my images come ready to use based on what you tell me you’ll need them for. When sending the finished products, I export in whatever format you need for print or digital – whether that’s LinkedIn profile shots sized and cropped, or A4 prints for display.

Once you’ve chosen the final photos they can also be edited in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Some prefer black and white over colour – others want specific styles of editing to suit their brand.

I also provide any retouching as required. It’s important that these photographs are a real reflection of you and your team, but images can be tweaked to ensure that you’re fully confident with what you’re putting out into the world.

Need your images in a specific aspect ratio, or sized to specific dimensions?  No problem – it’s all included in the price!

corporate headshot photography


My headshot session prices are designed to be flexible, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.

You may need only one retouched image, or would like a gallery of untouched images – whatever you need, I can help.

My sessions include 2 or 3 retouched images as standard, with additional images available for purchase as and when you need them.

Extra Images

You may decide that you need extra images, but don’t worry – you don’t have to make that decision before your shoot.  You can always contact me with any questions on the day or post-shoot. I’ve compiled several handy packages for clients needing additional images – but if you don’t see what you need here you can contact me for bespoke pricing.

Medium resolution image gallery – £120

A full gallery of cropped, unretouched images in medium resolution – great for online purposes!

High resolution image gallery – £180

A full gallery of cropped, unretouched images in high resolution ideal for print and online!


1 – 4 retouched images – £40/ea

Natural retouching, with images edited by hand to ensure you look your best (but still look like YOU)

5 retouched images – £160 / 10 retouched images – £280

Pick the best images from your session, retouched by hand and delivered in high resolution.

Standard Session - £149

The most popular choice

The Standard session includes up to one hour of photography and two retouched images of your choice, selected at the end of the session.

Extended Session - £249

Perfect for more variety

The extended session includes up to two hours of photography and three retouched images of your choice, selected at the end of the session

Group Headshot Sessions

Need headshots for your entire team or business? I provide comprehensive packages at bulk rates for multiple headshots – from small teams of four or five people right up to huge companies needing hundreds of headshots.

Team headshot sessions can take place on-location at your office, here in the studio or at another location of your choice. Team sessions are billed per-person, with the price per-person going down in tiers. Contact me for more details and a tailored quote – I’ll be happy to help!

Got a question? Need more information?  Or want to book your session? No problem. Click the button and I’ll get in touch!

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