We are living in strange times, and we hope that you are staying safe.

We are following the guidelines below to keep you safe during your shoot.

1. Keeping the studio clean

Before and after every studio session the studio is deep cleaned by using disinfectant/anti-bacterial solutions. All surfaces that can be touched and all props used are also sanitised. blankets or outfits used are washed between portrait sessions. The studio will be aired thoroughly to minimise any droplets in the air.

2. Time between photography sessions

There will be at least a 90 minute gap between any sessions. This will enable us to do a deep clean of all surfaces and accessories, and to ensure that there is no contact between departing and arriving customers.

3. Sickness policy

Customers will be required to disclose if anyone coming to the session has had a fever or any other symptoms such as coughs, sickness or vomiting or has been in contact with anyone displaying Covid-19 symptoms, suspected of having Covid-19 or has had a Covid-19 positive test result at least 24 hours before their session. Pleasee do not attend if if this is the case for you or one of your party. Don’t worry, we’ll rearrange your session at no cost to you!

4. Self monitoring of studio staff

We ar the studio monitor our temperatures and health before coming into the studio or undertaking any shoots. Disposable gloves and masks will be available in the studio and these should be used as deemed necessary and appropriate.

5. Hand washing and antibacterial gels

All photographers and staff wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds before all sessions. We also use antibacterial gel. Appropriate sanitising hand gels will be made available and customers are requested to use these upon arrival at the studio.

6. Track and Trace

You will be asked to provide your contact details, and your session will be logged on arrival at the studio for track and trace purposes.

7. Social distancing

Every effort will be made to keep the 2m social distancing advice at all times where possible both in the studio and on location. This includes adjusting hair or clothes. Parents may be asked to help move their children and babies as requested by the photographer. During the portrait session instructions to the clients will be given from the distance stipulated by and in accordance with the social distancing rules. We’re sad that we can’t shake hand with you as we normally would, but you’ll get the same friendly service during your session! Likewise, although normally tea, coffee and other refreshments are normally provided, we would ask that you bring your own drinks at this time.

We are operating an appointment-only booking system at the moment. This is to ensure that there is no contact between customers and also to minimise risk to photographers and staff by ensuring that the measures above are conveyed to customers prior to their shoot.