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Photographing the 2023 Manchester Marathon for SENSE

I’m please to write that once again I’ve been contacted by the UK Charity Sense, this time to photograph the 2023 Manchester Marathon.  I photographed the marathon for Sense last year, so I was delighted to be asked to do so once again.

There were twice as many runners for Sense this year, which is brilliant news!  That said, it was twice as many Sense runners to spot, but hopefully I got everyone 🙂

I got to the Sense cheer point first thing in the morning and grabbed a coffee (the cheer point was conveniently right next to a coffee shop!)  The sun was not shining as brightly as last year, but the temperature seemed to be perfect for the runners – not too hot, not too cold.

Once again, I was kept company by an utterly lovely group of Sense staff and volunteers. The choir was back again, singing for the runners (and spectators!) along with the Sense team who were armed with POM-POMS, clappers and (in my case) an orange wig.

I never tire of photographing events like this – people of all ages running, walking, being given energy snacks and drinks by friends and strangers alike, some of them clearly exhausted and at their limit, but carrying on regardless.  Amazing stuff – literally awesome.

As I said last year, I want to say a massive congratulations to everyone that took part in this amazing event, and raising money for Sense and all those charities that are close to your heart.  You should be incredibly proud of yourselves, and I hope that you’re now having a well earned rest.

I will be posting images from the Marathon onto my social media, and into a dedicated gallery over the coming week, so feel free to  hook up with me on there.

I am on Instagram as davidlaslettphotography (this is a new account with less cats and baking images than my personal davidlaslett account, so would welcome a follow). My Facebook page is David Laslett Photography, Twitter is @davidlaslett and of course, I’m on LinkedIn as plain old David Laslett.

Here are a small handful of images from the thousands I took on the day (if you were a Sense runner, they will be in touch with you soon with a link to a special SENSE gallery and a little prezzie from me for being AWESOME).

I encourage you to check out the amazing work that Sense do, and support their campaigns at  You can also find them on all social media.


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A little about Sense

Sense is a charity that helps people living with complex disabilities, such as Deafblind people. Sense are there to help people communicate and experience the world, and believe that regardless of the complexity of their disabilities, nobody should be left out, isolated or unable to fulfil their potential.